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  • September, October Temps Required Heating and Cooling

    Fluctuating temperatures affecting energy bills...

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  • Walter Harrison Scholarship Applications Available

    SRE is accepting applications for the 2011 Walter Harrison Scholarship.

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  • Planned Outages in Pike County

    Planned outages begin in Pike County due to system upgrades.

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  • Energy Efficiency Doesn't Have to Be Expensive:

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    You don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest energy-efficient appliances to save energy at home. Here are 10 low-cost, no-hassle ways to conserve energy and cut your electric bill.

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Energy Saving Tips & Tools

HomeEnergy Calculator - Find out how to cut energy costs, do an online energy audit and how much energy your home is currently using.

Home Energy Library -Learn more about energy efficiency inside and outside the home.  This extensive library has information for existing homes and new home construction.

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month - It may be time to replace your refrigerator. A fridge made before 1993 could cost more than $100 each year to operate. A new ENERGY STAR qualified model could cut your related energy costs in half. In addition, newer models keep food fresher longer.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy